Westfield Soccer Association

U8 Academy Pre-Travel Program

Players born in 2013                      

WSA U8 Pre Travel Program (players born in 2013)

This program is created to help us assess and evaluate all players who wish to be considered for a U9 travel team. These teams will be announced at the end of the program (early/mid June). The travel program for these teams will start in the Fall of 2021.

To be considered for a travel team, a member needs to take part in the WSA U8 Pre Travel Program. We will not run separate or additional tryouts.

We seek to run an effective program for all of those who are interested in playing travel at U9. 

  • All participants will be given the opportunity to attend 2 practice sessions a week led by professional coaches assigned by the WSA.
  • The U8 pre travel program is led by a program director, who runs an effective curriculum to prepare the players for travel at U9. Players will be evaluated on an ongoing basis by the coaches who run the program.
  • The training curriculum focuses heavily on improving the ability of each individual to scan and read his/her surroundings; the ability to make decisions accordingly as well as the execution of these decisions. This is all done in an age appropriate environment.
  • The program set up allows us to effectively assess and evaluate all players. To help us place players accordingly. By evaluating players on an ongoing basis we can track their overall progress for the duration of the program.
  • Once signed up it is important that players make an effort to attend the practice sessions led by our professional training staff. This to ensure we are able to assess and track a player’s development during the course of this program. Attendance, attitude, effort and the technical development of a player are all considered when evaluating the players.
  • These practice sessions will take place on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.
  • At the end of the WSA Pre Travel Program all participants are given the opportunity in a 7v7 festival. Players will be assigned to teams to play 4 - 7v7 games spread out over 2 days. All players in the program are automatically signed up to take part in the tournament as it is part of the registration fee for the WSA Pre Travel Program.

Cost: $295

The Spring 2021 schedule for the WSA U8 Academy Pre Travel Program:

- Fridays: Boys 3:30p to 4:45p and Girls 5:05p to 6:20p (Houlihan)********
- Saturdays: Girls 8:30a to 9:45a and Boys 9:55a to 11:10a (Wardlaw)

1 26-Mar Friday HOULIHAN  
2 27-Mar Saturday WARDLAW  
  2-Apr     NO SESSION
  3-Apr     NO SESSION
3 9-Apr Friday HOULIHAN  
4 10-Apr Saturday WARDLAW  
5 16-Apr Friday HOULIHAN  
6 17-Apr Saturday WARDLAW  
7 23-Apr Friday HOULIHAN  
8 24-Apr Saturday WARDLAW  
9 30-Apr Friday HOULIHAN  
10 1-May Saturday WARDLAW  
11 7-May Friday HOULIHAN  
12 8-May Saturday WARDLAW  
13 14-May Friday HOULIHAN  
14 15-May Saturday WARDLAW  
15 21-May Friday HOULIHAN  
16 22-May Saturday WARDLAW  
  29-May     NO SESSION
  30-May     NO SESSION


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