Westfield Soccer Association

WSA U8 Academy and Spring Pre Travel Program

U8 players, born in the year 2013, can participate in the following programs:  

Fall U8 Academy
The Fall U8 Academy program is offered in the fall and is open to players born in 2013 who are serious about mastering and developing their soccer skills in a more competitive environment. The program is designed to inspire young players to learn and develop a passion for the game of soccer.  Unlike the U8 Rec program, Fall U8 Academy provides two training sessions during the week, a Saturdy training session, and a game on Sunday.  Players are not placed on teams, but assigned by trainers into groups.

The Winter U8 Academy is open to all U8 players who are serious about developing the skills that will help them transition into a more competitive program. Participation in Fall U8 Academy is not a prerequisite.  

Spring U8 Academy Pre Travel Program
The Spring Pre Travel Program is designed to bridge the gap between fall U8 soccer and the U9 fall travel program to better prepare young players for competitive soccer. Any player interested in being evaluated for a Fall U9 WSA travel team, MUST participate in the spring U8 Pre Travel Program.  Participation in Fall U8 Academy is not a prerequisite.