Frequently Asked Questions

Travel Soccer


When will we find out who the coach is?

Professional coaches, parent-volunteer coaches and team managers will be assigned around early August and will start to make contact with the team as soon as they are assigned.



How do I volunteer to be a parent-coach or team manager?

Simple. You can apply online using the following link. You can reach out to our club DOC for more information by emailing




What league will my team play in?

Most of our travel teams play in the Mid New Jersey Youth Soccer Association league (MNJYSA). Occasionally, our more advanced and committed teams will compete in the EDP league.





When do practices and games begin?


For the fall practices will start the first or some cases the 2nd week of September. Matches will begin after Labor Day Weekend. Teams are typically finished with the fall schedule by Thanksgiving.

Winter (indoor):

Starts in December and runs once per week through March.


Starts mid-late March through the first or 2nd week of June depending on the game schedule and makeups.



Where are practices?

WSA uses several practice locations but for the most part sessions are at Sid Fay and Houlihan Field in Westfield (turf).

Other locations include Garwood Rec Complex (turf), Elm Street (grass), Sycamore Field (grass) plus other grass fields in and around Westfield.

We have a full list of fields and field addresses on our website if you want to check it out.




Do you provide goalkeeper training?

Yes we do. We provide free goalkeeper sessions for all of our travel players. More information on that can be found here.



What equipment do I need?

Aside from your uniform (see the uniform section below), you will need cleats and shin guards. Goalkeeper gloves are optional.



What happens if I have a conflict with training times or matches?

You will need to speak to your team coach and/ or manager as early as possible to inform them of the conflict.

All our teams utilize a software system called Team Snap that enables parents to make their availability for practices and games known via an app. This is very useful when trying to arrange matches and communicating with your coach/ manager to provide dates and times when you may have a conflict. This app will also sync with your calendar and send you alerts as well as a bunch of other useful things.



How much does it cost to play travel and when is payment due?



How does WSA select players for teams?

You can find this information on our website. Click here to got here now.



How can I learn more about being a “soccer parent”?

WSA is a proud partner of Soccer Parenting Association, which is a company dedicated to helping soccer parents.

Check out the info on our website and create your free membership.

Soccer Parent Resource Center



When will I find out my practice schedule?

Around mid-August after the coaches have been assigned.



When are games played?

Most games are played Sundays but on occasion teams may also play on a Saturday and more rarely mid-week. Game times are not consistent week to week and they will change based on many factors. You will be provided with a full schedule at the start of the season with dates and times. This information will also be available on your Team Snap app. Keep in mind that schedules are subject to change, more so in the Spring season, which is more heavily congested.



Where do we play home games?

Games can be played at the following locations:


11v11 (U13 and up):

Houlihan Field, Westfield

Wardlaw Hartidge School, Edison

Roosevelt School, Westfield


9v9 (U11 and U12):

Sid Fay Field, Westfield

Garwood Rec Complex, Garwood

Wardlaw Hartidge School, Edison


7v7 (U9 and U10):

Garwood Rec Complex, Garwood

Wardlaw Hartidge School, Edison

Washington School, Westfield


On occasion there are other fields we utilize but these listed are the main ones we use.



How far do we need to travel for away games?

Ewing and Hopewell Valley are the furthest destination we know of for our MNJ teams, which is about an hour away. However, most away games are within 30-40 minutes, if not closer.



How do I order a uniform?


   - Returning players:  Uniforms will not change from last year so returning players only need to order something if they have outgrown an item.  The website is live and they can order at any time.  

   - New players will need to order the "Required Kit" as listed on the website.  They will need their assigned number to do this - emails with their number and with the website details will go out the week of the invitations.  Players cannot just pick a uniform number on their own.