Travel Coach Summer Timeline

Below is the summer time-line:

1Mid July:  hand team packets to head coach who will:

  • collect all missing paperwork
  • check and double check all forms in packet – see instructions below
  • collect all forms from your coaches – yourself and your assistants
  • collect head pics from your players via the computer for the passes – see below

2.  1st week of August:

  • Sergio Vera will input team rosters into GotSoccer

3.  2nd week of August:

  • head coach verifies GotSoccer to paperwork in team packet:  (Lisa will say when to do this)
    • spelling of all player and coach names
    • DOB’s of players to birth certificates
    • All coach info is verified
  • head coach uploads head pics into GotSoccer

4.  Then when all that is done:

  • head coach returns team packet to Lisa by the week of August 17th!
  • GotSoccer is frozen (by Lisa) – only after head coach has verified all above info
  • Paperwork is then processed and taken to Joe K’s for approval by Lisa


Each packet contains the player checklist from the two registration nightsPlease verify all the info (even those already checked) to make sure that all is complete.  Below is what I’d like you to verify on each form and for each player. 

After the 2nd week of August, when everything is done and complete, you may return the packet to the grey WSA box on my front porch – 601 Roosevelt Street, corner of Palsted Ave. and Roosevelt Street, also off of Scotch Plains Ave., by the Memorial pool. 

I would like these packets back no later than the week of August 17th – fully completed

Once I receive the team packets back from you and you have emailed me to say that you verified GotSoccer, then I will be able to print the player and coach passes and take them and all of the forms for your team to Joe K, the DC, for approval. 

If you are in a Labor Day tournament or another pre-season tournament, please make a note of that so that your packet will go to Joe K first.

Thank you for all of your help in this huge process.  It is greatly appreciated by me!  If you have any questions, please email me at and I will get back to you.

Thanks again and have a great summer! 

Lisa Troutman, WSA Registration Coordinator