Westfield Soccer Association

Incoming U9s (2013) – Pre-Travel Program

The travel program of the WSA starts at U9. This means that interested players born in 2013 can take part in our U8 pre travel program this coming Spring.

We will host a virtual townhall on Wednesday April 7th, starting at 730PM.  We will use this event to explain the process in greater detail.  Among other things, we will explain how all participants are assessed/evaluated. We strongly encourage all parents to tune in for this event.

Anyone who wants to be considered for a travel team needs to take part in this U8 pre travel program this coming Spring.

This is the only way to be assessed / considered for a U9 travel team for the Fall of 2021 and Spring of 2022. Taking part is a necessity but does not guarantee anyone a place on a travel team for the soccer year ahead.

Over the course of the program all participating players will be exposed to an effective curriculum designed by the U8 pre travel program director. The staff assigned to run this program is tasked with teaching some important fundamentals of the game as well as evaluate all participants effectively.

For more information, please check the link below.

U8 Pre Travel Program - Spring 2021

Please do note that the program set up will align with our return to play protocols. As part of these protocols we require every player to complete an online health questionnaire before every session. This muts be completed on the day and priort to arriving at the field. Here is the link.

Travel teams will be announced on Sunday 6/6.