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Club Contact For COVID-19: Rich Pardo

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COVID-19/Health and Safety Protocols – WSA is committed to making sure that players (and their parents/guardians) are confident that the WSA has done everything possible to put in place the necessary health and safety procedures for the Fall 2020 season. 

The WSA Return to Play Committee, under the guidance of Ruben Vloedgraven, WSA Director of Coaching and Rich Pardo, WSA Club Administrator, worked to put in place WSA Safety Protocols and produced a comprehensive WSA Safety Protocol Video that we encourage the membership to view prior to the season. 

Protocols at each session included the completion of a Safety Waiver (filled out once per season), a Health Questionaire (filled out each week on Team Snap).

Additionally, as the current environment continues to change, please note that these protocols are constantly evolving and will continue to be updated as the WSA becomes aware of new information from local/state government and youth sports governing bodies (i.e. New Jersey Youth Soccer and/or U.S. Youth Soccer). 

While these protocols are intended to be all encompassing, should conditions change, updates will be sent out to the membership by the WSA Return to Play Committee. 

Per CDC Guidance, should a player, coach or trainer test positive for COVID-19, the WSA will require all players in that group to stay away from all WSA sponsored activities for a period of 14 days after last exposure while monitoring their health conditions and consider getting tested themselves.


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