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2020 / 2021 Team Registration Information

The 2020-2021 Travel Team rosters is posted below. Players invited to join a team will be identified by their initials and birthdate. 2009 birth year teams will be announced at the conclusion of the UCFC tryouts. 


  1. Register online with the WSA: We request that you register as soon as possible, within 3 business days of team announcements.

  2. New Travel Players must purchase a uniform kit from Kicks & Sticks’ online store.  Returning travel players can order items if necessary due to size or wear issues.  Items in the online store are labeled "mandatory" or "optional" so please take note prior to purchasing.

WSA Travel Program Overview

The WSA travel program is for players who are interested in playing soccer at a more competitive level than the In-town or Intercounty programs. Annually, more than 450 players on over thirty teams represent the WSA in several leagues, with the majority of teams competing in the Mid New Jersey Youth Soccer Association League. Travel teams play in the fall and spring against teams from central New Jersey and in addition, many teams also participate in holiday tournaments several times a season. Travel players practice a minimum of three days a week and compete on Sundays.


The travel program constantly challenges players to realize their highest potential through intensive training and competition. The goal of the travel program is to:


  • Enhance the players technical and tactical skills through a competitive team environment so they can effectively compete at an advanced level.
  • Foster a winning attitude based on sportsmanship.
  • Have fun and make the experience positive and memorable.
  • Develop a life long love for the game.


Players are selected and placed on teams based on assessments from independent evaluators during tryouts and from their coach and trainer evaluations. Tryouts for an upcoming season are conducted in mid-May and early June. Any player wanting to be considered for a team must tryout and returning players are not guaranteed a spot on a team. Every player of proper age is permitted to tryout for a travel team. Selection to a team invokes a commitment on the part of the player to attend all practices and games and to participate in both the fall and spring seasons. 

Teams are established based on gender at the U9 - U14, levels (U=Under) and are based upon the player's year of birth. 

For our U-8 players, WSA offers a U-8 Academy program in the fall, winter and spring.  Please click here for more information.

For players interested in playing travel soccer at U-9, they must participate in the Spring U-8 Pre-Travel Academy program.  This program helps young players prepare for competitive soccer by focusing on fundamental skill development while introducing participants to critical elements of competitive soccer basic tactics, good sportsmanship and working with coaches and teammates.  At the end of the program, certain players will be invited to participate in U-9 travel soccer.

If you are interested in the travel program or have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact a Travel Vice President.