Westfield Soccer Association

WSA Summer Training 2020

Westfield Soccer Association's summer training program details are listed below. We require that all players pre-register online, no walk-ons will be accepted. 

Each player will need to follow a strict protocol before entering the facility. A complete guide of our safe play protcol can be found here.

Players are required to hand in a completed health questionnaire BEFORE EVERY SESSION. This questionnaire muts be signed and filled out by an adult prior to arriving at the field. A club offcial will also conduct a tempertaure reading before any player steps onto the field. You can download the health questionnaire here.

Please note we also require a hard copy waiver to be competed and handed in at the first pracrice session. You will need to hand this in to the club officlal when your child is being screened and befoe they step onto the field. You can download the waiver here.

As part of the registration process, you will be required to do the following:

  • Digitally initial that you have read and understood the liability waiver including the infectious disease section.
  • Print out said liability waiver and provide a signed copy at check-in of the first attended session of the registered program.
  • Digitally initial that you have read and understood the 'Parent's Responsibilities'.
  • Digitally initial that you have read and understood the 'Player's Responsibilities'.

Failure to complete any of these steps, including handing in of a signed waiver, will result in a player being excluded from participation in a program.

And lastly, if you have any questions regarding the schedule below or the protocols we have put in place please reach out.

For Schedules contact: Ruben Vloedgraven, WSA Director Of Coaching

For COVID-19 Concerns / Return To Play Protocls contact: Rich Pardo, WSA Administrator