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Unfortunately we find ourselves in a situation in which we are unable to practice with our teams. This, however, doesn't mean that we have to stop practicing all together. There are many things you can continue to do. We decided to provide you with a quick list of things that you can do, on your own, to continue to develop as a player. Please do note that we will start using our social media to provide you with ideas as we go as well, which will include different skill challenges over the next couple of weeks as well.

Challenge yourself and keep working to get better. Make sure you are ready when we are able to go back out on the field and enjoy the beautiful game with your team.

6 things players can do on their own:


1 - Watch Games - plenty of platforms allow you to re watch recent games played (ESPN + / NBCSN Gold / Bleacher Report).

2 - Youtube - Great resource to find highlights, find even whole games and exercises you can do on your own.

3 - Play Fifa - It can actually help you become a better decision maker!

4 - WSA  skills challenges - we will provide you with a new challenge every couple of days.

5 - Be creative and create your own challenges! Can you hit a water bottle on top of a wall? Or hit a ball into a garbage can? Use a partner (sibling) and see how many times you can pass the ball back and forth through the air without dropping the ball. What can you come up with?

6 - Follow westfieldnjsoccer on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!