Stars of tomorrow

Stars of tomorrow


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Here you will find a variety of resources to support your work as a coach in the WSA.



Learning the basics of soccer in the most fun way possible.  This is not a team program - kids will work on individual skills appropriate for their age level through small group activities. At this age the players are often playing the game for the very first time in a structured setting so coaches must be patient and accomodating to players of abilties. The main goal at this age is that we encourage players to fall in love with playing the game, so have fun out there!



Igniting a passion for the game is the coaches #1 priority. Players fall in love with the game and this should keep them involved with the game for years to come. The aim of the coach is to keep their soccer experience fun, enjoyable and to foster a desire to play.

U7-U8 Age Appropriate Priorities



These young players are very eager to learn. As a coach you should take advantage of the opportunity and build on the basic technical and tactical concepts the players have worked on already. The game itself should be central to all technical training. Players in this age group start to move from how (technique) to when, where, with whom and against whom (skills-tactics). The technical development of the players is still the #1 priority. Continue to build the player before the team. 

U9-10 Age Appropriate Priorities



This is the age where many players decide whether to fully commit to the sport, continue with a parttime commitment or maybe walk away from the sport completely. It is very important to continue to build on the technical skills developed in the earlier years. Develop individual skills under the pressure of time, space and opponents(s) and increase the technical speed.

U11-U12 Age Appropriate Priorities


U13 - U14


At this age most players have figured out whether or not they fully want to commit to soccer or continue to engage in other sports as well. These decisions should not be forced and should be made by the player him or herself. Although players are playing in the same age group the chances are that players differ drastically in maturity and physical development, especially on the boys’ side. This is definitely an aspect that all trainers/coaches need to be aware working with a team in this age group. 

U13-U14 Age Appropriate Priorities