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Director of Intercounty Soccer:
 Drew Matus


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Fall 2020 Intercounty (birth year 2011 and earlier) Information

Season Schedule

Please note ALL schedules are subject to change and revision. The season (and training) may begin later, be shortened or, at the discretion of the WSA, the program may take place entirely within Westfield. Games may be cancelled for safety reasons.

Opposing coaches will coordinate, and schedule games on either Saturdays or Sundays.  Games can be at any time, and the specific time will largely be dependent on the home teams field availability.Note: An occasional Friday night game may also be scheduled.

Week Practice Games Comment
1 Sep 14-18 Sep 19-20 1st game
2 Sep 21-25 Sep 26-27  
3 Sep 28-Oct 2 Oct 3-4  
4 Oct 5-9 Oct 10-11  
5 Oct 12-16 Oct 17-18  
6 Oct 19-23 Oct 24-25  
7 Oct 26-30 Oct 31-Nov 1 End of Regular Season
8 Nov 2-6 Nov 7-8 Playoffs/Finals (U13+)
9 None Nov 14-15 Playoffs
10 None Nov 21-22 Finals

2020 IC Team Training Schedule

Training is entirely team-based with only the players on the team participating in that training group. Training will be assigned once teams are made. When registering please note a preferred day and any days where the player is unavailable. We will do our best to accomodate.

Practice begins Monday, September 14. Players will need to bring completed health questionaires to each practice. ALL PRACTICES WILL TAKE PLACE AT UNAMI #3.

Practice Schedule for Intercounty Teams - Fall 2020
Day Field Time Time
Unami 3 330pm 500pm
Monday A U11B Devils U13B Foxes
B U11B Blues U15B Galaxy
Tuesday A U13G Dynamo U13G Thorns
  B U15B Crew U19B UNION
Wednesday A U11G Royals U15G Flash
B U11G Dragons U19G Sky Blue
Thursday A U11B Wolves U13B Revolution
  B U11B Spurs U19B Stampede
Friday A U11G Spirit U13G Courage
B U11G Dash Socially Distanced Opt


Training begins on Monday 9/14, and runs for 8 weeks, ending on Friday 11/7.

Team and League Information

Team Schedules, and Parent Portal information

Schedules and Standings - SYSLNJ schedule for all teams in all divisions.

Parent Portal - Please visit to learn how you can stay connected to your TEAM via the website, or Mobile Application

WSA Intercounty Program

The WSA Intercounty program is for players who are interested in playing recreational soccer beyond the in-town rec program.  Annually, more than 400 players represent the WSA in the Intercounty Youth Soccer League (see the ICYSL league’s website at www.syslnj.com). Intercounty teams provide the opportunity to play in the fall and in the spring against teams from nearby towns.  The towns/clubs represented in the past have included Berkeley Heights, Bound Brook, Clark, Colonia, Cranford, Garwood, Kenilworth, Mountainside, New Providence, Plainfield, Rahway, Roselle, Scotch Plains, South Mountain (Maplewood/South Orange), Springfield, Summit, Union and Westfield.


In addition, Westfield teams may also participate in some tournaments to be identified in the Spring and Fall seasons. Intercounty players usually practice one day per week, some with opportunities for additional practice time.  Practices are led by professional trainers. There is usually one game per week on either Saturday or Sunday.


As previously stated, the Intercounty program encourages players to continue playing recreational soccer beyond the in-town program.  Intercounty offers players opportunities to realize their potential through training and competition. The goal of the Intercounty program is to:


  • Enhance the player’s skills through a recreational team environment.
  • Foster a game-playing attitude based on sportsmanship.
  • Have fun and make the experience positive and memorable.
  • Develop a life-long love for the game.

All registered players are placed on teams.  No tryouts are required.

Fall teams: WSA Intercounty fields U9, U11, U13, U15, High School teams.

Teams are established based on gender and are based upon the player’s age as of December 31st of the given calendar year. For example, a player who does not turn 13 before December 31st will be U-13, or a player who is older but does not turn 15 before December 31st will be U-15. 


If you are interested in the Intercounty recreational program or have additional questions, please check out the SYSL website listed above or contact a WSA Intercounty director. To register, click on the “Registration” link from the menu at the top of the page. 

Intercounty Frequently Asked Questions

For those of you not familiar with InterCounty soccer, here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions:


Q:  What is InterCounty Soccer?

A:  InterCounty Soccer is a way to play recreational soccer against teams from neighboring towns.

The Westfield Intercounty soccer program participates in the Suburban Youth Soccer League.

Information about this league can be found here: SYSLNJ


Q:  What age groups are available in the Fall?

A:   In the fall, we field teams at the HS, U15, U13, U11 levels.


Q:  What age groups are available in the Spring?

A:   The same as in the fall.


Q:  How do you try out for an InterCounty team?

A:  There are no tryouts!  Everyone who registers on a timely basis is placed on a team.


Q:  How much of a commitment does it take to play InterCounty?

A:  The same commitment it takes to play InTown Rec soccer.  Generally there is one game each weekend and one  or two practices during the week.


Q: Exactly when will practices and games be held? Will they conflict with other sports and activities?

A:  The practice schedule will be set once we know the number of teams. Please note your preferred day in the special request section when registering.

Games are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays and could be at any time of the day.  An occasional Friday night game may also be scheduled. 


Q:  Isn’t there a lot of travel associated with InterCounty?

A:  There is little travel.  Half your games are played at home and the other half are played in nearby towns such as Cranford, Clark, Scotch Plains, Mountainside, New Providence, etc.

A full list of clubs can be found here: Participating Clubs


Q:  Is the league very competitive?

A:  As with the in-town rec program, there are varying degrees of team strength.  Divisions are divided whenever possible to allow for stronger and weaker sub-divisions.  There will be teams from some towns that are very strong but generally the games are quite competitive.


Q: Do we need to purchase a special InterCounty uniform?

A:  Yes, information about a full kit will be offered at registration, which includes 2 jerseys (1 white, 1 blue), and shorts.  This kit can be used for several seasons.  The link to purchase uniforms is shown above


Q: Who is eligible to play in the U19 age group?

A: This varies from year to year.  Some years we have a U17 division, and some years any players older than U15 will participate in the HS division (aka U19)

Note: If you are a high school senior AND you played varsity soccer and/or are currently a "carded" travel player, you may participate in U19 Intercounty soccer.  If you are a high school junior, then you must NOT have played varsity soccer and you CANNOT be a carded travel player. 


If you enjoy the fun and excitement of soccer but do not have the time commitment to play Travel Soccer, then InterCounty Soccer is the answer for you.  It combines the best of both worlds---recreational and travel soccer---by allowing you to participate in a more relaxed, less intensive, less committed environment while still enjoying the excitement and challenge of playing teams from other towns!  It is basically "travel-lite" for soccer.

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