Intercounty Training Schedule

Trainer-led session begin Wednesday September 8. Due to the holidays-shortened week there will be a modified schedule the first week ONLY. 

The standard training schedule begins Monday, September 13 and can be seen below. (The modified schedule is below that). 

All training will be at Unami Park field #3, the Soutwest corner of the park (intersection of South Union and Fairfield avenues).

Each team is assigned a single practice session that will be led by a professional Red Bulls trainer.  You must complete an online COVID health questionnaire before EACH practice in order for your child to participate. This can be found on the WSA website at: Programs/Intercounty/Intercounty COVID Info/Player Health Questionnaire.

Due to COVID protocols, a player CANNOT attend another team's training session. 

Directions to fields and field status can be found here: WSA Fields

Normal (September 13 through end of season)
Season Practice Schedule for Intercounty
Monday Trainer 1 Trainer 2 Trainer 3
330-500 Spirit Rangers
500-630 Magpies Rovers
330-500 Revolution Crew
500-630 Canaries Hornets
330-500 Courage Foxes
500-630 Thorns UNION
330-500 Blues Dynamo Dragons
500-630 Flash Stampede
330-500 Bees Wolves Hammers
500-630 Swans Eagles Spurs
Week of Labor Day (Sep 8-10) ONLY
Season Practice Schedule for Intercounty
Wednesday Trainer 1 Trainer 2 Trainer 3
330-425 Courage Foxes
430-525 Spirit  Rangers
530-625 Thorns UNION
330-425 Blues Dynamo Dragons
430-525 Magpies Rovers Hornets
530-625 Flash Stampede
330-425 Bees Wolves Hammers
430-525 Revolution Crew Canaries
530-625 Swans Eagles SpSpursurs