ICYSL Team Account

ICYSL Team contact information, and Player Rosters must be updated on the ICYSL website.

Please visit ICYSL site and enter your Roster.

In order to find your Team Page, you should 

1. Select "CLUBS" from the top menu.

2. Select "Westfield".

3. Select your Team by name.

4. Once you select your Team, click on the "Team Login" link in the top right corner.

If you don't know your PIN, click on the link on the screen to have it sent to you.

If that fails, reach out to your Director, or the VP of Intercounty to have your email address entered/updated on the Team Account.

Online Player Roster

Once you have logged into your Team Page enter the following information.

1. Contact information for the Head Coach and optionally the Assistant Coach, and or Team Manager.

2. Enter the First and Last Initial, and Jersey # for each Player.

Excel Player Roster Template

In addition to the online Roster, Coaches will be required to download the Excel Roster Template

which can be found on the ICYSL website under the Handouts Menu.

This Excel Roster Template should be updated, and emailed:

  1. Each team should email one copy to glevywsa@gmail.com, and I will forward them all to the ICYSL league in a single email.
  2. A copy should also be emailed to the opposing Coach the week before each scheduled game (See Game Schedule for more information)

Note: Rosters should be exchanged in MS-Excel format only. Please DO NOT convert it to .pdf or any other file format.


This is a critical issue!  No one is allowed to play on your team who is not on your official roster!!!  Rosters can be amended through the first few weeks of the season and then are fixed unless there is an injury that leave your team short.  But no one can be added to your roster unless you get the authorization directly from me--and that will come only after the new player has registered and been added to the roster submitted to the league.  Playing a boy or girl who is ineligible will not only be grounds for forfeiture and suspension but could also create a liability as the player will not be covered by league insurance!

If you find out one of your players is currently on a travel team or on the high school varsity soccer team, that player is ineligible to play IC.