Referee Fees




Center Ref 2 Line Refs Total Per Game
U9 $40 N/A $40
U11 $40 $20 $80
U13 $60 $30 $120
U15 $70 $35 $140
High School $80 $40 $160

During the regular season, the Home team is responsible for all Referee Fees.

Home Coaches must bring cash, in the proper denominations to be able to pay both the Head Ref, and the 2 Line Refs.

During the post season, the referee fee will be split equally between home and away teams.  Prior to your playoff game, please check with the home team as Referee fees may vary between townships.

Note: Head Coaches will receive a check at the start of the season (After Schedules are out)

This check will be used by Coaches to cover the Ref Fees for the regular season, and a the First Playoff game.
Teams that progress further will receive additional funds.

Any excess funds at the end of the season due to unplayed games should be returned to the WSA.  Check distribution will be coordinated by the VP of Intercounty Soccer.

Referee fees for tournaments and championship games are covered by the league and no payment is necessary.