Scheduling Games

VII. Game Scheduling

A Team representative will be responsible for Coordinating Game day information with opposing coaches.

Home games should be confirmed with the WSA Field coordinator by 8pm on the Tuesday prior to the scheduled game.  Most likely the field coordinator will reach out to you coordinate a specific day and time on the assigned weekend.  Look out for an availability spreadsheet at the beginning of the season where you can set season wide preferences and exclusions.Whether you are the home team or the away team, you must make contact with your opposing coach, to confirm your scheduled game.  Each week, Game details should be confirmed between opposing teams as soon as possible. 
1. Game Day
2. Game Time
3. Game Location
4. Uniform Color: You should tell your team to always bring both jerseys to every game.  For away games you should ask what color the home team wears.  For home games you should tell the opposing coach what color you will wear.  In the event of a color conflict, the Home team should be prepared to change colors.

The teams Head Coach can visit the SYSL website to access the Coach Contact List for their division.
Eg. Schedules & Standings --> Coach Contacts --> U11 Boys Coach Contacts

If you have trouble contacting the Opposing coach, try emailing the Club Representative, whose contact info can be found on the Clubs listing on the SYSL website.

Every attempt should be made to complete the game during the assigned weekend.

If one of your HOME games gets changed after the schedule comes out you should notify your opposing coach right away, even if the game is weeks away. 

GAMES SHOULD NOT BE CANCELLED unless absolutely necessary!!  Other than for weather conditions, games should be played as scheduled.  Every attempt should be made to play your game as scheduled.

That said, if you get your schedule and notice that there will be a serious conflict with one of the HOME games, reach out to the game scheduler.  If there is flexibility to change the game an attempt will be made to do so and the sooner this is done the better for everyone.  But again, this has to truly be an exception.  If the conflict is for an away game you will have to contact the opposing coach immediately and see if the game can be moved to another time/day.  This should be a rare request!

If an opposing coach contacts you to say he/she cannot make your game and wishes to reschedule, I understand the desire to accommodate but you need to push back a little.  Explain that your field scheduler (that would also be me) does not have a lot of flexibility and that the game should be played as scheduled. Try to do this in as friendly a manner as possible and see if the request can be withdrawn.  Without engaging in all-out email war (yes, this has happened) try to understand the real reason for the conflict.  If you come away with the belief that there is a legitimate reason (half the team will be at a bar mitzvah) then you can ask me to reschedule.  But if you get a sense that the coach is just looking for a date that more players can be available then you can raise the issue to me and I will take it up with my counterpart at the other town.