Westfield Soccer Association

Intercounty Coaches Memo

Intercounty Coaches Memo

Hello Coaches and Volunteers,

Welcome to the Westfield Intercounty Soccer Season (We play in the Suburban Youth Soccer League) .

Thanks again for volunteering this season.  The program could not be a success without your assistance.

Many of you are veterans of this league, but this memo serves as a guide for those who are new, or for those who need a refresher.

All the links referenced on this page can be found directly on the Intercounty Program Page, either on the page, or referenced in the Top Right Menus.

I. Important Dates

Important Dates for the Season can be found here: Important Dates

League Calendar: SYSL Calendar

II. Volunteer Responsibilities (Can be shared between Coach,Assistant Coach,Team Manager):

Coaching is highly rewarding and the only duties are as follows:

1. Coordinate game times with opposing Coach
2. Manage the Team: Communicate upcoming games with the Team, updating Rosters on Intercounty site.
3. Manage Substitutions during games.
4. Report scores to the League

CONCUSSION TESTING: NJ Youth Soccer requires that all youth soccer coaches have concussion training.  Consequently, you must do this online training course from the CDC.  You only have to take this course once.

Note: Intercounty Coaches are not required to obtain a Coaching License.

III. Suburban Youth Soccer League Web Site:

The league web site can be found at www.syslnj.com

If you are new, it is worth looking at the site.  Click on the Handouts menu to review the Playing Rules, contact lists and other information.  Please familiarize yourself with the rules as they are different from travel rules and In Town rules. 

A Team representative will also need to update the Coaches Contact information, and also the Teams Roster.

See the SYSL Coach Resources page for more information.

IV. Uniforms and Equipment

Uniforms will be ordered directly by each Player.  See Uniform Orders for more information.

Equipment will be distributed at one of the two WSA Coach Meetings (Review Important Dates for meeting info)

Equipment includes the following:

1. Game Ball
2. Firstaid Kit
3. Ice Packs
4. Ball Pump
5. Coaches Whistle

V. Ref Fees

Coaches will be given a check at the beginning of the season for Ref Fees, for their full season of home games.
Coaches are responsible for providing Ref Fees for all Home games.

Information about Ref Fees can be found here: Ref Fees

VI. Team Training

1. Trainer Led Practices
Team Training sessions will be led by a professional Red Bulls Trainer, and will be held one day during the week.  See Training Schedule for more information about your Trainer Led Team Practices.  Note Coaches are not required to attend Trainer led practice sessions.

2. Coach Led Training
If you would like to run your own Coach led practice session, please let me know, as we may have some free field time available for coaches to run their own practices.

Note:  A New Jersey Youth Soccer State Certificate (Formerly the "F" License) is required for any coach that wants to run his own practice session.  The Class duration is 6-9 hours and includes classroom based and on-field learning.  Cost is $45 and coaches will be fully reimbursed by the WSA

VII. Game Scheduling

A Team representative will be responsible for Coordinating Game day information with opposing coaches.

Home games should be confirmed with the WSA Field coordinator by 8pm on the Tuesday prior to the scheduled game.  Most likely the field coordinator will reach out to you coordinate a specific day and time on the assigned weekend.  Look out for an availability spreadsheet at the beginning of the season where you can set season wide preferences and exclusions.

Each week, Game details should be confirmed between opposing teams as soon as possible.

1. Game Day
2. Game Time
3. Game Location
4. Uniform Color: You should tell your team to always bring both jerseys to every game.  For away games you should ask what color the home team wears.  For home games you should tell the opposing coach what color you will wear.  In the event of a color conflict, the Home team should be prepared to change colors.

The teams Head Coach can visit the SYSL website to access the Coach Contact List for their division.
Eg. Schedules & Standings --> Coach Contacts --> U11 Boys Coach Contacts

Note games will be scheduled by the league on Saturdays and Sundays, and can be at any time of the day.  An occasional Friday night game may also be scheduled.

Every attempt should be made to complete the game during the assigned weekend.

VIII. Scoring Games

Scores should be reported by the Coach of the Winning Team.

Details on Scoring can be found here: Reporting Scores

IX. Coach Meetings

There will be a WSA Coaches Meeting, and an SYSL League Coaches Meeting, at the start of the season.

1. Coach, or a Team Representative is required to attend each of these Coach's Meetings.

Team equipment will be distributed at the WSA Meeting.  An overview of Coaching Strategies, and Responsibilities will also be Provided.

N/A  SYSL Coaches Meeting 
 Orange Avenue School  7PM - 8:30PM
 Sept 5th (Thur)  WSA Coaches Meeting and equipment distribution 
 Gumpert Field House from 7PM - 8PM

SYSL Meeting Location:
Orange Avenue School, 901 Orange Avenue, Cranford NJ 07016

WSA Meeting Location:
Gumpert Field house on the corner of S Chestnut St, and 4th Ave, Westfield (Near Shopright in Garwood)