Goal Safety Policy

Goal Safety Policy
This January a nine year old boy in North Carolina was killed by a falling goal  (Read Article). All coaches, referees, parents and players are asked to pay close attention to the safety of the goals on the fields that they are using. As such the WSA would like to remind everyone of our Goal Safety Policy:
  • Coaches must inspect goals prior to any activity to make sure they are secured. Special attention is needed at practices.
  • Coaches must warn players and all parents of the dangers of goal posts.
  • Parents must be attentive and responsible for their children.
  • Do not allow horsing around on or around goals.
  • Referees must inspect goals prior to a game.
  • On fields that have small-sided games, the large goals must be placed face down and off the field.
Let’s make sure a tragedy like this does not occur in Westfield. Goal safety is everyone’s responsibility!