Westfield Soccer Association

U5-U6 Fun of Soccer Program


Dan Ives, Vice President of Rec Soccer - Administrative  Email: Dan Ives

Chris Partelow, Vice President of Rec Soccer - Operations  Email: Chris Partelow

Fall 2015 Program Directors:

U5 Fun of Soccer Director:  Alex Campos

U6 Fun of Soccer Director:  Joel Kamins

Basic Rules and Information


The success of the FOS relies on the collective effort of all volunteers and families involved. Thank you for all of your support of our program and our players.

Program Goals:

To introduce players to the FUN of soccer
, offer some basic skill development
and create “interactive” activities involving player & parent.

U5-U6 Fun of Soccer – Skill priorities

  1. Dribble out of trouble

  2. Soft first touch

  3. No kicking allowed unless we are shooting on goal

Playing – practice format FOS

U5 – Multi lateral games with an emphasis on developing the basic motor skills and getting comfortable on the ball. NO NEED TO PLAY ANY GAMES!  Teams are mixed gender (boys and girls).

U6 –Fun games/exercises focused on dribbling and finish with 2v2 - 3v3 games. Put a new ball in play, when another goes out of bounce. That will keep the speed in the game and eventually give the players more touches on the ball.  Teams are separated by gender (boys and girls play separately).

Please make note of the differences in U5 and U6 in regards to gender as you register your children.  Each age group will have FOS Director(s) who will handle any other questions you may have.

You can use the table in the main Recreation Program page to determine where your child falls into.  If you have any questions on whether your child should play according to their age or play with their grade, please contact Dan Ives 


The 2015 Fun of Soccer program will begin on September 12th, 2015

The U5 sessions will be scheduled on Saturdays for 6 weeks and each session is 50 minutes. (1 week for rainout makeups) 

The U6 sessions will be scheduled on Saturdays for 6 weeks and each session is 1 hour.  (1 week for rainout makeups) 

The Fun of Soccer program practices/scrimmages are on Saturday afternoons. The practices times range from 1:30PM, 2:30PM and 3:45PM.  Final times will not be known until teams are finalized.  The teams are typically not set until Labor Day.  U5 teams practice during the first two sessions and U6 practices during the second and third sessions.

Fun of Soccer takes place at Jefferson Elementary School fields.  The address is 1200 Boulevard, Westfield, NJ.

The Westfield Soccer Association also offers Ball Mastery programs in the Fall, Winter and Spring to complement and reinforce the skills learned in FOS for U6.  This link takes you to the Ball Mastery page, which provides additional information about the program.  Spots are often very limited.


The WSA asks for the assistance of parent/guardians to volunteer in leading training groups of 10 to 12 players throughout the season. Each group should ideally have a head “Activity Coach” and 1 or 2 assistants.  The program needs volunteers in order to create teams as there are no official coaching staff members. 

Parents/guardians can volunteer during the registration process.

All Activity Coaches will learn basic soccer related activities and games which are age-appropriate to this level. There is a pre-season Coaches Clinic, weekly curriculums emailed out and a Training Coordinator present at every session to assist.  If you have any future desire to coach at any other level in the WSA, this is the first in a progressive training program for our coaches. This is also the perfect opportunity to simply enjoy a fun environment with your child through the game of soccer. 


Each week, the Activity Coaches will have a set of games/drills that teach soccer skills such as dribbling, passing and kicking. The games/drills are meant to create a fun environment while demonstrating some basic soccer techniques.  Most of the session is focused on the instructional games.  The older children (U6) will have intra-team scrimmages for the last 15 minutes of the session.

At this age group, there are no formal positions, no goalies and no scores are kept during scrimmages.  The size of each team generally ranges from 10 - 12 children and any scrimmage team sizes are dependent on the number of children on the team.  The coaches emphasize having fun, not scoring goals.

No other soccer rules are enforced as we want to keep the children engaged, entertained and on the move!


Every child in the program will be provided a size 3 soccer ball and a team jersey.  In addition, your child will need appropriate footwear (sneakers or soccer cleats), soccer socks and shin guards.  Open toed shoes or Crocs are not allowed for the child's own safety.  Socks, shin guards and cleats can be found in most major sporting goods stores in the area or online.  Please remember to bring water for your child and dress in appropriate athletic wear.