COVID-19 WSA Protocols and Guidelines


What do I do if I found out my son/ daughter tested positive and was in attendance at a recent WSA event? 

Contact your program director and Rich Pardo, wsa-administrator@westfieldnjsoccer.com



When can my son/ daughter return to play after a positive COVID test? 

We will be following the Westfield school district's current policy which is a 10-day quarantine without a PCR test or 7 days with a negative PCR test result taken on days 5-7.  Both timelines are from the date of onset of symptoms and both assume that symptoms are alleviating.  Common sense would dictate that if your son or daughter is not feeling well, stay home.


Do I need to provide proof of a negative test after a COVID-related absence? 

This is not required as we are working on the honor system.  


Are masks mandatory during activity?

For indoor activities, masks are required when entering and exiting facilities.  Masks are optional while playing although use is still encouraged as outlined by CDC and NJDOH recommendations.  

For outdoor activities, masks are not required although participants can wear them while playing if they so choose.  They are also not required while entering and exiting the facilities.



Will coaches be wearing masks?

For indoor activities, WSA has made it optional for coaches to wear masks while on the field.  For outdoor activities, coaches do not need to wear masks.



Do I need to fill out a health questionnaire before an activity? If so, where? 

Before arriving at the facility and before participation in any WSA activity, parents must complete an online health check for their son/ daughter. Without a completed health check, players will be refused entry.

Health checks can be found here: https://westfieldnjsoccer.demosphere-secure.com/covid-19/player-health-questionnaire

For activities where Team Snap is used, the included health check function will need to be completed prior to the participant's session. 



Can I watch my son/ daughter play?

Yes, however for indoor activities, we would like to limit the number of spectators where possible.   All spectators are required to wear a mask while in an indoor facility.  For outdoor activities, there are no limitations on spectators and masks are not required.



How will we be notified of any cancellations? 

Typically through email. However, we may also use our social media platforms (facebook, instagram) to communicate any changes in schedule.

Email alerts will only be sent to the addresses provided upon registration.



Who can I contact for more information about WSA’s COVID protocols?

Rich Pardo, wsa-administrator@westfieldnjsoccer.com