Westfield Soccer Association

Curriculum Wks 3 and 6: Triangles (Progressions) + Coneman the Barbarian

Progressions for TRIANGLE GAME weeks 3,6

1-At a jog staying to the outside of the triangle with commands of “Switch” in which players will change directions and feet (change from right foot clockwise to left foot counter clockwise. Try intervals of 15 seconds; 12 seconds; 9 seconds; 6 seconds; 3 seconds; and a few very rapid changes to finish off the sequence.

2- At speed same as 1 with faster change intervals between right and left feet- try 8 seconds, 6 seconds, 4 seconds and finish with three 2 seconds

3- “CUT THROUGH” At a jog using the same rules as #1 except when” cut through” command is given, players must enter the inside triangle, exit through a different side of the triangle from the one they entered through and continue moving along the outside of the triangle as they were before they heard the command of cut through. As players gain understanding and ability, frequency of “cut through” commands should quicken and “SWITCH” commands should be given at shorter intervals.

4- “STOP-CUT THROUGH” Pause for a few seconds between the time you say STOP and the time you then say CUT THROUGH. Players are moving their ball around at a jog or full speed (depending on what the coach thinks is best). When  the command STOP is given, players control the ball under the sole of their foot they are moving the ball with, be bent in a surfboard position (knees bent, arms out, FREEEEEEEZE) and get ready for the “CUT THROUGH” command to be given. Immediately when the CUT THROUGH command is given, players get through the inside triangle as quick as they can without losing control of their ball (or colliding into another player).

5- “COACHES/PARENTS IN THE MIDDLE” When players hear this command, one or two bigger people will be in the inside part of the triangle. They are obstacles- players will continue moving their soccer balls around the outside of the grid, on “GO” they must go through the inside of the grid without having their ball stolen by the coaches. Of course coaches should let the players have some initial success before they begin to deny passage through the triangle to players that are not looking up, keeping the ball too far out in front of them or failing to change direction.

Try this “GO” command every ten seconds at first, and work it down to every 5 seconds and you’ll be sure to have the players begging for a drink break.

6- “CHANGE”- On change, players go the other triangle and begin to move about that triangle at a jog and use both feet until a command is given. Once they get the idea of CHANGE, any command given previously is fair game!


Directions: Do you have a good Ahhnold voice? Cone man is the coach! You go around trying to place a cone either on a person’s head or their ball (use your best judgment). All you really need is either a good AHHHNOLD voice or think Hans and Franz of SNL Players have soccer balls and start by dribbling the ball in the grid; coaches have cones and are the Coneman/Conewomen the Barbarians.

  •  After the players are dribbling for 5-10 seconds, the barbarians come into the grid with a cone and try and place a cone on top of the ball or on their head (use your judgement!). If this happens, the player is frozen until another player (not yet frozen) passes a ball through the frozen player’s legs.

With a little bit of creativity from the coaches, the players will get maximum fun out of this game! Coaches can lower/raise their efforts to get maximum effort from the players. Players should recognize they are close to being coned and need to turn/cut away quickly or risk being frozen. Give players the opportunity to succeed several times before they are coned.

  • If you are using disc cones, maybe throw them Frisbee style and see if the players can react quickly enough.
  • If you are using some of the big triangle cones, they will actually pick up the ball (it’s kind of funny)
  • Once the players have an idea, maybe 2-3 of them can become the barbarians and some of the coaches can move around the grid with a ball and demonstrate some ways to keep their heads up and turn away or avoid danger while dribbling a ball.
  • Recruit the parents and have one barbarian for every player (this is pressure increased)
  • Why not play team versus team – Give five players cones and keep 5 players with soccer ball- let them play!
  • Play left foot only or right foot only. What do you think?