Westfield Soccer Association

U6 Fun of Soccer

Guidelines and Rules for 2v2 and 3v3 Play

U6 Fun of Soccer

Fun of Soccer 2v2 or 3v3 play (Guidelines/Rules for the U-6 Groups) 15 minutes duration (a quick water break at the seven minute mark)

One set of PUGG Goals per group for week I until we determine if we have enough extras. Cones or flags can be used as goals too!

No restarts (out of bounds throw- ins/ kicks, penalties)
Players keep playing non-stop except to change teams as needed to balance out games

Players DO NOT leave the field of play. All soccer balls retrieved by parents or coaches that exit the playing field.

Coaches should have a soccer ball ready to go after a goal or for when a soccer ball leaves the playing field and then quickly get all players attention and roll another soccer ball back into play. We want the game play to be fast, exciting and non-stop.

Do not coach: guide, suggest, and keep the players moving. We are here to help them maximize enjoyment of this great game!

Parents may cheer but not give instruction/directions (John will go through this with both U-6 parents groups at the start of the session)

Parents are to be seated off the sidelines and five yards back from the end lines at all times.

Everyone plays; no one sits out and subs in; there should be two games going at once by dividing the grid in half and playing:

if there are 8 players then 2v2 at both fields;

if there are 9 players then: 2v2 at one field, 2v3 with a coach, parent, or sibling being the third player on one team;

if there are 10 players then: 2v2 on one field and 3v3 at the other field;

if there are 11 players then: 3v3 at one field and 2 v 3 at the other field with a coach, parent, or sibling being the third player on one team

NB- Just like we demonstrated during the coaches clinic, if you keep the game moving and the players buzzing by keeping the pace fast, two seven minute game segments at the end will produce fun and most kids will feel like they have had a good run!