Westfield Soccer Association

Age Appropriate Priorities

U8, U9-U10, U11-U12

To help you all prepare for the season and to offer you the tools to be successful during the season I worked out several documents that you can read below. My goal is to create more continuity in our travel program from team to team and from age group to age group. I also want to be able to offer you all the guidance that can help you determine what your players need to work on in practice.

For that reason I worked out age appropriate priorities from U8-U12. These priorities outline the needs of players per age group and should be used to work out seasonal goals and individual lesson plans for the sessions you run. I'm fully aware that player development isn't a linear process and that we do not have a standardized test to determine where players are in their development. Through observation we have to make sure that we offer our players the training that fits their needs best. Not all players in this age group are at the same place in their development as a soccer player. We do, however, want to make sure that all players are given the tools to be successful in the years to come. Many players bloom later as they are currently behind in their physical and mental development. That doesn't mean though, that these players can not develop into good soccer players in the years to come. A focus on the technical development of the players is needed. When players are comfortable and confident on the ball it will be a lot easier for them to play the game of soccer.

These priorities have also been shared with all professional trainers. They have been asked to work out goals for the upcoming season (process/developmental based goals, not goals based on the outcome of a season in wins or losses) and have been asked to share them with you once they are finished.







Please let me know if you have any questions about the email and/or documents.

Ruben Vloedgraven
Director of Coaching - Westfield Soccer Association