Westfield Soccer Association

UCFC Update

September 2020

UCFC Update

Dear Union County FC Players and Parents,

As we prepare to embark on a very unusual season, we would ask of all our players and parents to please be flexible.  Our club will be operating under guidelines from the state, from the town, from NJ Youth Soccer, and from EDP.  Each of those organizations has created a set of requirements largely in a vacuum - sometimes they line up, and sometimes they directly conflict.  We have made the decision to take a more cautionary approach to the situation and follow the guidelines as laid out to the best of our abilities.  This approach has created a fairly complicated and often confusing set of internal policies, but the overall theme is common sense.  We have already seen some of our visiting teams fail to read our emails ahead of the game, walking onto fields while other games are occurring without masks, which is a direct violation of EDP guidelines.  We do not want our parents to be sideline police, that will inevitably end poorly.  We do ask that you read and learn our policies, and set a good example for our visiting opponents.  If we choose not to follow town policies because they are inconvenient, we run a real risk of losing access to our home fields for the season.

On a more positive note - while we have decided to pass on early season tournaments, most of our middle school teams have actually played more games already this season than any other season we can remember.  Our preseason training was as extensive as ever.  We are offering a bonus two week training program for our HS players who are on the state-mandated sports break.  Looking forward, we have every intention of continuing to schedule as many games as we can with as many local-ish opponents as we can find.  We are trying to be as flexible as possible so our players can enjoy one of the few outlets that is currently available to them.  

In summary, please be flexible and please follow the rules.

See you on the sidelines!

Jason Ianuzzi
VP Union County FC