Oak Ridge Park Fields

Address: 136 Oak Ridge Road Clark, NJ 07066

Drop offs and pickups are to be done from the parking lot only. 

There are 7 fields on the fairways at Oak Ridge Park which we will share with Scotch Plains Fanwood SC.  When looking at the fields from the clubhouse from left to right, SPF will occupy fields 1-3 and we will occupy 4-7.  Fields 4 and 5 are two 9v9 fields that occupy the same fairway positioned head to head.  The same is true for fields 6 and 7 which are further to the right.  There is a bathroom facility located to the left of the clubhouse in a separate freestanding building and there will be port-o-johns positioned closer to the fields.  The timing of the placement of these portable facilities is still to be determined.


It is vitally important that you use the field that you are assigned to, which means no freelancing.  There are 3 sets of goals located on our fields.  One set each on the two 7v7 fields and one on one of the 9v9 fields.  Also, it is equally important that we keep our fields free of garbage.  Nothing should be left at the field.  If we are not diligent with keeping our fields clean, we will lose the privilege of training there.  That would be disastrous.  Please don't let that happen.