Lightning Detection System

Lightning Warning System Overview

The Town of Westfield relies on a lightning detection system to automatically actuate Siren Stations to warn people at various locations when lightning is detected within 10 miles.

Lightning Alarm:

WAVE Siren Stations sound a “Horn-Siren-Horn-Siren” audible tone for about 12 seconds. The Strobe Light attached to the Siren Station then illuminates to indicate that a Lightning Alarm condition exists.

Lightning All-Clear:

WAVE Siren Stations sound a “Horn Intermittent” audible tone for about 12 seconds. The Strobe Light attached to the Siren Station then extinguishes.

The All-Clear sounds when no lightning is detected for 30 minutes within 10 miles of the lightning detection sensor.

WAVE Siren Station Indicators:

The WAVE Siren Station Electronics Box is equipped with a bright LED on its right side to indicate system status.

Green Light:

A blinking green light indicates that the Siren Station is functioning normally.

Red Light:

A blinking red light indicates a system fault. Faults may include: Low Battery, No communication with Transmitter, or loss of AC power.

Please notify the Recreation Department if a failure state is noted (908-789-4080)