Houlihan Field

Address: 1600 Rahway Ave, Westfield, NJ (Across from St Helen's Church)

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Driving Directions:

From the South - Take the Garden State Parkway North

Go to Exit 135. Stay to your LEFT at the exit and go ¾ around circle and follow signs for Westfield. This will put you onto Central Ave. SEE DIRECTIONS MARKED ** BELOW.

From the North - Take the Garden State Parkway South

Go to Exit 135. Stay to your RIGHT at the exit and follow the signs for Westfield. This will put you onto Central Ave. SEE DIRECTIONS MARKED ** BELOW

** Stay on Central Ave. to the 2nd traffic light (just before an overpass) and make a LEFT onto Terminal Ave. Stay on Terminal Ave. to the 1st traffic light. Make a RIGHT onto Westfield Ave. (which becomes Rahway Ave. on the other side of the railroad tracks). Go over the railroad tracks and you will see the fields on your left. Take the 1st LEFT onto Lamberts Mill Road and park. Peter Houlihan field is the 1st field.

From the East - Take Route 22 West

Take the exit for Westfield that is just past Bob’s Stores and Linens-N-Things in Springfield. This will bring you onto Springfield Ave. Stay on Springfield Ave. to the 3rd traffic light and bear to the RIGHT onto East Broad Street. Stay on East Broad Street (you will pass the Library on your left and the Municipal Building and Park on your right) to Central Ave. which is on the left just past the movie theater. Make a left on to Central Ave. Stay on Central Ave to the 5th traffic light. Make a RIGHT onto Clifton Street and go to the end. Make a LEFT onto Rahway Ave. and go about 1 mile to Lamberts Mill Road, which is just before a set of railroad tracks. Make a RIGHT and park. Peter Houlihan field is the 1st field on the left.

From the West - Take Route 22 East

After you pass Sears (on right) and Blue Star Shopping Center (on left) take the next exit (which is just past an Exxon Station and Snuffy’s Restaurant on your right) onto Park Ave. in Scotch Plains. SEE DIRECTIONS MARKED *** BELOW

From the West - Take Route 78 East

Get off at exit 41 and make a LEFT turn at the end of the exit. Go to the end (traffic light) and make a RIGHT turn. Stay on this "winding" road until you come to the 2nd traffic light (you will pass the Colorado Café on your left before the 2nd traffic light). At the 2nd traffic light, bear right and go over Route 22 - staying to the right. This will bring you onto Park Ave. in Scotch Plains SEE DIRECTIONS MARKED *** BELOW.

*** Stay on Park Ave. (which eventually becomes Martine Ave.) and go to the 8th traffic light. At the 8th traffic light make a LEFT onto West Broad Street and go about 7/10 of a mile to a slight incline in the road and make a RIGHT onto Lamberts Mill Road. Stay on Lamberts Mill Road until you pass a nursery on the right and a school on the left. Just after the school, Peter Houlihan field will be the 2nd field on your RIGHT across from St Helen’s Church.


Lightning Detection System

Lightning Warning System Overview

The Town of Westfield relies on a lightning detection system to automatically actuate Siren Stations to warn people at various locations when lightning is detected within 10 miles.

Lightning Alarm:

WAVE Siren Stations sound a “Horn-Siren-Horn-Siren” audible tone for about 12 seconds. The Strobe Light attached to the Siren Station then illuminates to indicate that a Lightning Alarm condition exists.

Lightning All-Clear:

WAVE Siren Stations sound a “Horn Intermittent” audible tone for about 12 seconds. The Strobe Light attached to the Siren Station then extinguishes.

The All-Clear sounds when no lightning is detected for 30 minutes within 10 miles of the lightning detection sensor.

WAVE Siren Station Indicators:

The WAVE Siren Station Electronics Box is equipped with a bright LED on its right side to indicate system status.

Green Light:

A blinking green light indicates that the Siren Station is functioning normally.

Red Light:

A blinking red light indicates a system fault. Faults may include: Low Battery, No communication with Transmitter, or loss of AC power.

Please notify the Recreation Department if a failure state is noted (908-789-4080)

Houlihan Regulations

The WESTFIELD RECREATION DEPARTMENT takes pride in offering a state of the art, lighted, synthetic turf athletic field at Houlihan and Sid Fey Fields to its users.  To preserve the performance, resilience, and appearance of the fields PLEASE ABIDE BY THE FOLLOWING REGULATIONS:


         Place ALL TRASH & LITTER in containers provided.


         ENTER & LEAVE the fields on the PERIMETER CARPET & WALKWAYS PROVIDED. ACCESS to both fields is from the PARKING LOT ONLY.


         DRINKS limited to water/ CLEAR power drinks. PLEASE - - No Orange/Red/Blue/Yellow sports drinks, chocolate, coffee, cola, fruit drinks or juice, ice cream, ketchup, mustard, milk, tea, butter, food coloring, water colors, etc.


         No chewing gum, chewing tobacco, or sunflower seeds.


         No pets allowed.


         This is a SMOKE-FREE facility.


PARKING: The lot has been expanded to allow parking for over 40 cars. Please observe and follow posted signage.


BATHROOM FACILITIES: Two port-a-potties are available at the field for emergencies. DO NOT use St. Helens facilities.


NOISE: Amplified music, air horns, etc. are not permitted.  Our neighbors live right across the street.