Flag Bag Locations and other field information

FIRST TEAM ON ANY FIELD:  For the SAFETY OF OUR SPECTATORS and PLAYERS, it is your responsibility to make sure that ALL KICKBACKS and SMALL GOALS are relocated to the PLAYERS’ SIDE OF THE FIELD before the game starts. 


Please remember to not just play-and-go.  It is each team’s responsibility to clear the field you play on of all trash and water bottles.  Trash cans are provided at each field.  Making sure your opponent’s bench is cleaned up is your responsibility as well.  

Please note that for health and safety reasons, dogs are not allowed at any of our fields (grass and turf).  Even though this is listed under fields on the WSA website, it is your responsibility to notify your team and opponents of this rule.


Below are the locations for the flag bags with the corner flags, goal post stakes, etc.  If you are the first team on the field you are responsible for picking up the flag bag from the appropriate house that stores the bag for your field and leaving it by one of the goals.  The last team playing on the field MUST bring the bag with all the flags, etc. back to the house that stores it. 

MAKE SURE THE GOAL POSTS ARE SECURED!!  This is a safety priority.  We have sand bags for ALL goals on grass fields.


1.  Nets stay on all goals on all fields for the entire season. Every game field needs corner flags and needs the goals secured with sand bags.

2.  The first team playing a game on the field that day must pick up the long black bag with 4 corner flags at the locations listed below.  Each location listed below will leave the bags out early in the morning (8am).   Leave the bag behind one of the goals so everyone knows where it is.

3.  The last team playing at a field must return the corner flags in the long black bag to the locations listed below.

4.  Some goals must get moved to accommodate other sports.  This may be true at Tamaques Elementary School, Roosevelt Middle School, Westfield High School, etc. (see photo examples below).  

Flag Bag locations & Securing Goals

Houlihan/Sid Fay - The corner flags & bases should be found on the field or along the fence closest to the railroad tracks.  Small practice goals and lacrosse goals should be placed on the players side of the field along the fence with the openings facing the fence.

Garwood Turf - 165 Myrtle Ave, Garwood.  Do not use 140 Myrtle Ave for the field address.  140 Myrtle Ave is taking everyone to a dead end section of Myrtle Ave opposite the parking lot.  PLEASE USE THE PARKING LOT FOR ALL DROP OFFS, not the dead end street.  **IMPORTANT NOTE** Any overflow parking should be on Rankin Ave - the street at the far end of the soccer field away from the clubhouse building.  Flags will be left just inside the gated entrance to the field closest to the parking lot.  Last team on the field please return flags to the same spot near the gate.  Goals may have to moved into place.  Please secure them with sandbags.  Yellow lines for 7v7 and white lines for 11v11.

Tamaques School - Jason Ianuzzi, 859 Willow Grove Road, flag bag will be inside the gate behind the house.  Goals at Tamaques School should be secured with SAND BAGS should remain in place by the last team.  Sandbags can be found at the field and MUST be left at the field.  Please DO NOT bring the sand bags to Jason's house.

Westfield High School  - Eric Judka’s house - 568 First Street. Flag bag will be next the house in the driveway directly past the garbage cans.  **IMPORTANT NOTE** First team on the field will have to move the goals and sandbags into position for games.  The last team on the field will have to move the goals so they are in front of the batting cages by the hill and secure them with the sandbags.  Sandbags can be found at the field and MUST be left at the field.  Please DO NOT bring the sand bags to Eric's house. 

Roosevelt School - John McHugh’s House - 536 Clark Street.  The flag bag will be inside the garage on the left side.  There are three sets of goals and two different size fields (11v11 and 7v7) at Roosevelt.  Please do not use the goals along the fence down the right field line.  These are 7x21 goals that are used for a 9v9 field which won't be located here in the Fall.  Goals at Roosevelt should be anchored with sand bags.  The 7v7 goals should be moved off the field on either side by the last small sided team playing at the field.  The sand bags will be provided at the field and MUST be left at the field.  Please DO NOT bring the sand bags to Johns' house.  

Elm Street - Josh Bartlett's house at 741 Embree Crescent.  The bag will be on the right side of the front steps at Josh's house.  The goals on this field should be anchored with sandbags.  Sandbags can be found at the field and MUST be left at the field.  Please DO NOT bring the sand bags to Josh's house.

Sycamore - Derek Chen’s house - 921 Irving Ave.  Bag is at the gate across the driveway.  There are two sets of goals and two size fields (11v11 and 9v9).

Kehler - Steve Aronson’s house - 615 Westfield Avenue.  The bag will be just inside or behind the garage at the back of the property. Please make sure you return these turf corner flags & yellow bases to Steve Aronson's house.

Washington School - Chris Partelow, 1021 Harding Street, flag bag will be by the garage.  The goals should be anchored with sandbags.  The sand bags will be provided at the field and MUST be left at the field.  Please DO NOT bring the sand bags to Chris' house.

IMPORTANT NOTES for those teams playing/training at Wardlaw-Hartridge School:

Wardlaw Hartridge Field

1. Address: Wardlaw-Hartridge School, 1295 Inman Avenue, Edison, NJ 08820

2. BOTH turf fields are at the back of the school property.

3. Field #1, Varsity Field, is the field straight ahead of the parking lot, closer to the school building.  One large sided field going end to end and two small sided fields going side to side.

4. Field #2, JV Field, is the field to the right when looking from the parking lot, further away from the school building.  One large sided field going end to end.

5. The entrance to both fields is at the LEFT CORNER of Field #1, closest to the school.  There is a turf walkway that players and parents MUST use to access both fields

6. The small-sided goals can be moved into position for games.  The large-sided goals CANNOT be moved.

7. 9 v 9 or 7 v 7 games will require teams to bring portable benches.  The large metal player benches for the large-sided fields CANNOT be moved onto the large-sided playing field surface.

8. PLEASE clean up and dispose of all trash after our games.  We are now representing WSA on property that is NOT OUR OWN.

Thanks in advance for everyone's cooperation using the Wardlaw turf fields.


EDISON, NJ 08820


From Route 22 
Take Terrill Road Exit. Proceed on Terrill Road to Cooper Road. Turn right onto Cooper Road.   At the end of Cooper Road turn left onto Rahway Road. Turn right at the end (second stop sign) onto Inman Avenue. Wardlaw-Hartridge is ¼ mile down on the left.  

From Route 78
The Wardlaw-Hartridge School is located 8.4 miles from Exit 41 off of Route 78. Take Route 78 East/West to Exit 41. Follow signs for Scotch Plains. Continue on Bonnie Burn Road, which is also State Route 641, to Route 22 West. Follow directions from Route 22.

From The Garden State Parkway South
Take Exit 135. Bear right off exit onto Central Avenue. At the first light turn left onto Raritan Road and go to the end (the name of the road changes to Oak Ridge Road and then to Featherbed Lane). Turn right onto Inman Avenue. Wardlaw-Hartridge is 2 miles on the left.

From The Garden State Parkway North
Take Exit 131 and bear right onto Route 27 South. Turn right at the second light onto Wood Avenue. Turn left at the third light onto Inman Avenue. Wardlaw-Hartridge is 2 ¼ miles on the left.  

From Route 287 South (heading east)
Take Exit 5. Turn left at the end of the exit ramp onto Stelton.  Turn right onto Hamilton Boulevard. Turn left onto Lake View Avenue.  Right onto Maple Avenue.  Bear right onto Inman Avenue Wardlaw-Hartridge is a ¼ mile on the right.