Westfield Soccer Association

A Word From Our Director Of Coaching

September 2020

WSA Members,

I of course hope this note finds everyone and their loved ones well.

A few months ago, back in the Spring, I ran several weekly virtual sessions for a group of boys I was assigned to coach during that season. During one of these sessions I asked the boys what they were missing the most, given that we were still expected to stay at home at that time, and what they were most looking forward to. One of the boys on this team replied saying that he never had realized how fortunate he is that he on any given can play the beautiful game with and against his peers. You really do not know what you have, till you must do without it for a while. I found this a very fascinating answer from a 12-year-old child. It is not often that we express our gratitude for these things that are such a big part of our everyday life. We often go about our lives without recognizing all these things we should be grateful for.

Things have changed drastically since then and we have been able to return to the field. It was a lot of work on our end (and continues to be a lot of work as well) but watching our members go out for a practice or a game makes it all worth it. We as a club, are extremely excited to be back out. We all missed it and are happy to be back out on the field. It is easy to take things for granted but let us make sure we make the most of every practice and every game this coming Fall season. It is fantastic that we can take part in an activity that we all love so much!

To make this return to the field a successful one, in both a safe and enjoyable environment, we do need every team member to play his or her part. Please make sure to be up to date on all our return to play protocols. They have been carefully worked out to help us return to the field. Every team member (players, parents, coaches, referees, administrators) has a role to play. We are as strong as our weakest link. Let us work together to make this a successful Fall season for everyone involved!

Yours in soccer,

Ruben Vloedgraven