Westfield Soccer Association

A Word From Our Director Of Coaching

March 2021

The Spring soccer season is ahead of us – Team selection and more.

WSA members,

I of course hope this note finds all of you well.

The Spring soccer season (2021) is upon us. I know everyone is eager to get back outside, especially after all the snow we have had in February. We have been busy preparing for all that is ahead. This also means that we have looked at our processes that help form our teams (travel and UCFC) for the Fall of 2021 & Spring of 2022.

Given where we find ourselves in the pandemic, we still must be very aware of all that we do. We are basically a year in, it has lasted a lot longer than we all wanted and it easy to become complacent. We are going to continue to need your help this Spring. This to ensure we can give everyone an opportunity to enjoy soccer in a challenging and safe environment. Thankfully, there is a lot to be excited about and lots to look forward to! Together we can make sure that the Spring is at least as successful as the Fall of 2020. Despite all the challenges, hundreds of children were given the opportunity to enjoy the sport last Fall.

The covid protocols will impact the processes we have in place that help us form our travel and ucfc teams. In times of need people can be highly creative. We may have found ways to improve the process, while working in line with the covid protocols in place. We will use a variety of platforms to ensure you are all informed. This will include email blasts, the website, our social media and we will host virtual town halls to fill all our members in.

Your first opportunity to hear more about the above is on Monday March 8th at 8PM, during our 1st general meeting for the Spring.

Yours in soccer,

Ruben Vloedgraven

Director of Coaching – Westfield Soccer Association