Westfield Soccer Association

2015 Fall Ball Mastery Programs


The Ball Mastery is offering two programs U6/U7 and U8/U9 and is open to all K through 3rd grade players (boys and girls) who are registered in the U6-U9 Rec program.  Ball Mastery is designed for players of all skill levels who would like to enhance their weekly soccer training beyond a single Saturday session.


The Ball Mastery program provides an additional training session during the week for individual player development with an emphasis on an "all-ball" approach, to help each player improve their skills in dribbling, receiving and passing.  Trainers will use a range of age-appropriate training activities and techniques to maximize a player’s touches on the ball, including small-sided games that foster skill development, as well as imaginative, creative play.  The Ball Mastery program will help foster confidence, creativity and composure during play that young students of the game can apply in the In-town program, as well as furthering a passion for the game.


The Ball Mastery program is a 60-minute session during the week.  There are two sessions being offered.  One for U6/U7 Rec players and one for U9/U10 Rec players.  The cost of the Ball Mastery program is $95.  Please note that you must be registered for either U6 Fun of Soccer or the U7-U9 Rec programs to be eligible to participate in fall ball mastery.

Please contact Dan Ives or Chris Partelow, VP of Rec Soccer, if you have any questions.