Westfield Soccer Association

U9 Contact Information

Program Contacts: Amy Judka and Drew Matus
Registration is now open for Fall 2019
Season Begins 9/7 & Ends 11/3 (No Rec Soccer Columbus Day Weekend)
Program fee:  $185
After 8/15, a late fee of $35


Registration for Rec Teams will close on 8/15.  After this time, you will be waitlisted and added based on availability.  

***The Rec directors try their best to accommodate requests to play with friends or with particular coaches etc, but in no way can they guarantee that all requests will be accommodated.

Basic Rules and Information

U9 Rec Soccer

The Fall U9 program is designed to give the young soccer player the essential skills, team player philosophy, and sportsmanship needed to succeed in the game while continuing to introduce basic soccer techniques.  Teams are created based on gender and age.  ***If you any questions whether your child should play according to their age or play with their grade, please contact one of the VPs above.
U9 play 6 vs. 6 games on a field of 45-50 by 30-35 yards. Teams play with goalkeepers and referees.

***Please note that the U10 program (fourth graders) is now part of the Intercounty Program.
Practices occur on Saturday mornings for 90 minutes between 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and matches are played on Sundays between 11:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Games last approximately 60 minutes, and scores and team results are not maintained.  Matches may be played at various fields around Westfield, but primarily at Jefferson Elementary School or Franklin Elementary School.
Basic Sunday match rules:
  • Two 30 minute halves with a water break at 15 minutes.
  • No. 4 Soccer Ball, "home" team supplies the game ball
  • 6v6 formation including the goalkeeper
    • Unlimited substitutions are allowed: after a goal, before a goal kick, before a throw-in (only the team performing the throw-in can sub), or after an injury
    • All players are required to play at least half the game, unless in the event of an injury
    • Offside rules apply
    • All players are guaranteed to play 50% of the match.
Required uniform and safety information
  • Soccer/athletic shorts are required (No zipper or pockets).
  • Wear WSA issued team shirt, tucked in.
  • Rubber soccer cleats are mandatory.
  • Shin guards covered by socks are required.
  • No jewelry or chewing gum is allowed.
  • Water bottle.
  • Referee will check player’s uniform for safety before each game.
At the end of this season, all players will receive from their coaches a participation award.
***NOTE *** U9 Rec program players can also register for a fall ball mastery session.  Fall ball mastery will provide an additional training session during the week.  You must be registered for the U9 Rec program to be eligible for the U9 ball mastery program.
In the Winter and Spring, U9 players play in the Intercounty prgram.