Westfield Soccer Association

Basics Rules

We are excited to share with all of you that the WSA will run an outdoor program specifically set up for our U5 (2015 Birth Year) and U6 (2014 Birth Year) members. All 6 weekly sessions are 45 minutes long and will provide the players with an opportunity to work on their basic ball skills and to continue the fun. Field TBD.


The WSA will work out a curriculum focused on the basic needs of our players. Parent Volunteers will work with the children each week. A heavy focus will be placed on the development of the basic motor skills, while incorporating the ball. A mixture of fun games and exercises will be included to help our youngest members develop a love for the game. The goal of these sessions is to engage the players, help them become more competent and confident on the ball and most importantly of all, have FUN!

Anyone interested in taking part in these classes can do so by going through the registration part of our WSA website. 

Also note that cleats can be worn along with shin guards. A shirt and ball will be provided.