Westfield Soccer Association

Intercounty 2018 Spring Training Schedule

Training Schedules won't be available until at least a week after Registration closes.

Once registration ends, each player will be assigned to a Team.
Each Team will be assigned a single practice session that will be led by a Professional Red Bulls trainer.  
Practice sessions will be held during the week, Monday through Friday from either 3:30-5pm or 5:00-6:30PM

Free Play sessions for each division (U10-U14) will be offered on Fridays.

Trainer led practice sessions will begin on April 9th, and run through the first round of the Playoffs on June 2nd.

As long as your team remains in the post season, training will be provided.  Once your season ends, training for your team will also end.


If a player can not make his/her Teams designated training session, he/she may attend any other training session for the same division.  Eg. if you are in the Girls U10 Division, and cannot attend your designated training session, you may attend a different Teams training session as long as they are in the Girls U10 Division.

Each player may attend only 1 practice session per week.

(All sessions in the same Divisions are color coordinated)