Westfield Soccer Association

Wk 2 Curriculum


Fun of Soccer U-5 Curriculum – Week II September 19th, 2015

Week II will focus on using the inside of the foot to “cut” the ball away from or around a player and sets of obstacles. Some of the same principles from week I will continue to apply:

-Changing pace/ speed- (slow to fast; fast to slow; jog to full speed; full speed to jog) should continue to be points of emphasis.

-Changing direction- as players gain proficiency and confidence with the ball and the obstacles increase, we want to encourage them to move past a person/obstacle by going around or turning away.

When to keep the ball close, when to move it forward with speed-If there is space allow and encourage players to move the ball at a faster speed with less control. If there are players or obstacles ahead, keep the ball close (so you can change direction) so you don’t lose it.

First Ten to Twelve Minutes (warm up stage) Pirate Ships:

Coaches are the captains; players are the mates (deckhands)

Captains command; mates follow commands. The ship’s surface is the area between the cones. If you go outside the coned areas, you fall off the ship L

“Swab the Decks” use insides of the feet and move the ball about, slowly at first, gradually developing more movement and range

“Smash the Water Out” with ten quick toe taps, quickly touching the ball with the top of your feet followed by ten quick box taps (moving the ball between your feet using the insides of your feet)

“Shine the Decks” use soles of the feet and move the ball about, slowly at first, gradually developing more movement and range

“Rough Seas” have the players move the ball about the ship freestyle and when you say rough seas, have them cut the ball with the insides of their feet. When they cut the ball make sure they are changing direction.

“Cannon Balls” throw the ball up and yell “boom” when the ball hits the ground and then go right into another command. (Cannon balls is a good transition)

“Big Wave” everybody leaves their ball, runs together, holds hands, and crashes down. Afterwards, back to balls and clean up the deck! (Any coaching points?)

“Octopus attack” Coaches and/or a few parent volunteers move around the grid and try and reach out with their tentacles (hands and feet) to grab a soccer ball or tag a player. When a player is tagged, they join hands with whoever tagged them and try to tag more players. The last two players left are the winners. 

Next Ten to Twelve Minutes Red Rover, Red Rover (this game is remarkably similar to Red Light-Green Light)

Think back to the childhood game- Red Rover, Red Rover- all boys come over! At that point all boys would have to run from one safety line to the next without being tagged. For a game with younger players, it is a good idea to have them freeze if tagged and if someone unfreezes them, they can rejoin the game. A coach can also say to the whole group you are unfrozen! You want to be able to control the pressure and not have the players going all out tagging other players. We want them to have maximum time moving, contacting the ball. Think of some commands and utilize some variations and you have a great game!

Some commands to try:

Boys/Girls, all those wearing a color, all those born in May, June, July, all those whose dad is with them today, all those whose mom is here today, all those that have a younger brother/sister, all those that like ice cream, all those that are having fun today (a good way to gauge the group), all those who go to Tamaques School, all those that have a nose, all those that have socks on, all those who have a friend on the team

You know your players somewhat after week I and should have a good idea of ten more commands. If you are like me, write them down so you do not forget them!

Next Ten to Twelve Minutes

Knockdown (See attachment Cone knockdown)- Players are grouped into two teams and each player will be dribbling a soccer ball. Cones are placed randomnly within the grid. Players from team 1 begin knocking down cones by dribbling their ball into the cones; Players from team 2 dribble around the grid and put the cones upright as soon as they see a cone get knocked over.

Points of emphasis:

-pop head up between touches                                                -Keep ball close when approaching cones

-change of speed in open space                                                -slow down in tight space

-what should the distance of the ball be from your foot?            -lots of quick cuts & turns

-left/ right foot only            -at a jog                                    -Full speed

-After a player knocks down/ uprights a cone, they must touch an outside cone before knocking down, uprighting another cone

Next Ten to Twelve Minutes

Ghostbusters  (see attachment Ghostbusters) Players are partnered. Player ONE is the Ghost; Player TWO is the Ghostbuster and has the soccer ball. ONE is trying to lose the Ghostbuster by moving away from TWO. TWO must move the ball at speed tracking down ONE.

When the coach says GHOSTBUSTER, all players must freeze and the coach measures the distance between the players to see who the best trackers are.

This session can be adjusted so both players start without a soccer ball; then one player has a soccer ball; then both players have a soccer ball. What about left foot only or right foot only?