Westfield Soccer Association

Saturday Practice Sessions

Weekly Coaches' Email 4/7/2015


With the weather improving and the grass fields now open or opening up for use very soon, all teams assigned a Saturday practice slot will go out very soon, for their coach led practice sessions.

During the last general meeting I outlined 10 tips that can help you prepare your sessions. The information has also been shared with all in previous emails, but I believe it would be very valuable to repeat them for all once more. Please remember that it will help you if you go out on the field prepared. Failing to plan, is planning to fail.

If you struggle to come up with ideas for practice talk to the professional trainer assigned to your team and go through the lesson plans provided by the professional trainer. By doing this we can ensure consistency from the training done during the week to what is done in the weekend and you can also gain ideas of what to do during the sessions your run.

Below all 10 tips.

  1. Pick a topic (and stay on topic).
  2. Run a progressive practice session.
  3. Consider all factors than can impact your session (field/weather/# of players).
  4. Avoid the 3l’s (lines, lectures and laps).
  5. Keep the players active.
  6. Arrival (on time to set up the field and welcome your players).
  7. Teachable moments (understand the appropriate amount of stops and still let the players play).
  8. Communication (brief/clear).
  9. Be patient and be positive.
  10. Evaluate the success of your session.

Below a link to an article in the coaches’ corner that contains an explanation of all 10 points.


If you have any questions about preparing your practice sessions or any other challenges you face that I can help you with do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks you.


Ruben Vloedgraven

Director of Coaching - Westfield Soccer Association