Inter Milan U11 Boys



Parent Coach: Ron Bansky                              
Phone: 908-499-4853                                                         
Email: RonBansky@Allstate.com             
Assistant Parent Coach: Shay Caherly
Phone: 908-591-0786     
Email: Shaysc@msn.com      
                            Game Schedule Coordinator: Cindy Bansky
                            Email:  RCBansky@Verizon.net
                            Trainer: Tom Bodily
                            Email: TBodily@Ashleyssoccer.com
                            S.A.G.E. Representative: Tim Birkel
                            Email: Timothy.Birkel@Bnymellon.com
Spring Season

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 Congratulations Westfield Inter Milan on posting a winning record and a top 10 finish in MAPS. 

 Enjoy the Summer!




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